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Bob Reynolds

Mindful Practicing: How I Practice, the Importance of Transcribing, and Why Slow is Fast


Friday 25 May @ London - £FREE (£5 Deposit)


Doors 6.45pm - 7.00pm start


Join us for a masterclass with tenor saxophonist Bob Reynolds - a Grammy Award winning solo artist, also known for his work with Snarky Puppy and John Mayer. Bob appears as part of the festivities of the London Saxophone Festival.


Bob will perform, followed by a discussion of his “7-T Practice Pyramid™” method for simplifying and maximising your practice time, memorising tunes, increasing your improvisational vocabulary, and developing a great time feel and rock-solid technique. Bob will then take questions!


“Thank you for giving what I thought was one of the most instructive, articulate, and thoughtful clinics I’ve had my kids attend in the 29 years I’ve been teaching. I teach in a small town in Central California and my kids absolutely NEEDED to hear what you had to say, and play at that moment in their development! Thank you a ton!” - Kirk Clague, band director


Widely known for his work with both Snarky and John Mayer, Bob is a prolific composer and recording artist with eight top-selling solo albums to his credit. The New York Times called him “a self-assured saxophonist and an unassuming yet effective composer.” An independent recording artist, Bob’s albums showcase his melodic improvisational style, tuneful songwriting, and, as the LA Times put it: “hip-swivelling” grooves. Bob’s 2013 album Somewhere In Between, a seamless blend of jazz, blues, rock and pop, reached #1 on iTunes’ jazz charts. In 2017 he released the albums Guitar Band and Hindsight and will release Quartet in 2018.


Come and enjoy this free event in our London Branch of


Your deposit will be refunded on arrival at the clinic.


This is a non-ticketed event - once your reservation has been made simply turn up on the night, we will have your name at the door.


All donations will be donated to the charity Favela Brass. Favela Brass, founded in 2014 by British trumpet player Tom Ashe, provide free brass, percussion and English lessons for children in a small favela in Rio de Janeiro The charity aims to build on the tradition of brass and percussion playing central to Rio’s rich musical heritage.


All the money received for no shows will not be returned, and instead given to the charity.

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